Using Kafka from CFML

Another year going to cfcamp, the cfml conference in Munich, first time as speaker. It’s also the first time I speak in english in public, a little nervious  at the beginning but confortable after a while. I hope the liseners could understand me more or less 🙂

I have done a quick intro to Apache Kafka, that we at work are using in production since february, how to use it in CFML throught the jar kafka client and how we manage the “consumers” and “consumers groups” with a web panel in cfml.

I have  prepared two repo to show it:

  • First, one with a simple producer and a consumer and how to use it:

  • Second one, a little coldbox app showing with a little panel that can launch consumers from a configured consumer group:

Fill free to explore it and open a issue if you have any problem.

Also the presentation:

Kafka CFCamp 2017





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